Body Piercing - Locally owned body jewelry company in Saint Paul, Minnesota

The ID policies listed below are state laws.
What is listed is all we are allowed to take.
ID's are required every time you get a piercing.

Earlobes are 9 years +
Most other piercings are 13 years +
Nipples and private piercings are 18 years +.

18 and older
1. A valid government issued picture ID must be presented. Driver's license, military id, tribal identification card, or passport.

17 and younger
1. The minor child's custodial parent or guardian must be present for the procedure.

2. Parent or legal guardian must have a valid government issued picture ID. Driver's license, passport, tribal identification card, or military ID. Legal guardians must also provide certified guardianship papers.

3.The minor child must also provide a valid government issued picture ID.
Driver's license, passport, tribal identification card, military id, or a school picture ID with the original certified birth certificate, no copies. The parent and the minor child's last names and addresses must match. If they don't match the state requires a certified legal document showing the name change such as a marriage certificate, certificate of name change, or divorce decree.

  The piercer reserves the right to refuse services on anyone for any reason.

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